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Reflex Packaging is now part of the Nefab Group

Global Transport Packaging Solutions and Logistics Services (



Founded in Northern California in 1999, Reflex Packaging started with the revolutionary idea to provide a replacement for traditional packaging that could outperform foam while using 100% recycled plastic. A couple forward-thinking companies took a chance on us and we came through for them.


Reflex® Cushions are now designed and manufactured at sixteen global productions sites supporting the global footprint of customers worldwide. In addition to our signature product and the cornerstone of our business, Reflex® Cushions, we can design and supply everything required for your company’s packaging needs including pallets, foam, bags, corrugated, etc.

Headquartered in Southern CA, Reflex Packaging offers OEMs and their distributors every packaging solution available. We are the industry leader in thermoformed cushions made from recycled plastic and can now make cushions using Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic!


Contact us today and find out how we can save you money, warehouse space and freight costs. We will also help your company realize that a green solution can also be a more cost-effective solution.

How do we save you money?


-Warehouse space savings can prevent the need for larger warehouse and racks.

-Freight companies charge based on the number of pallet spaces used on the truck or the number of trucks. If you ship 25% the number of pallets your freight costs drop by 75%


-Each pallet of cushions holds 4-5 times the amount of cushion sets; this keeps your assembly line moving and reduces the number of trips by a forklift driver from the warehouse to assembly line.

-Fewer pallets means receiving time at your dock is reduced.

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