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Our Industrial Designers are some of the best in the field of fragility packaging.They come from diverse engineering backgrounds, but all are trained in BOTH thermoform tool design and fragility cushion design in order to design the most cost effective, eco-friendly packaging.

Our onsite staff offers our clients the opportunity to communicate directly with the actual designer. In doing so, no time will be wasted with external developers.

Protection with Innovation

CAD Renderings of Recycled Plastic Cushions
CAD Renderings of Recycled Plastic Cushions
CAD Renderings of Environmentally Friendly Packaging
CAD Renderings of Eco Friendly Packaging


While appearance is a large factor, our engineers know that your product needs to get to your customer safely. Both form and function are looked at to provide the best solution for you.

Speed & Value

Speed and Value

Our design staff, machine shop, sample production, and product testing equipment are all under one roof. We can easily create multiple revisions of a functioning cushion within hours to make sure the protection and aesthetic requirements are met. Nobody in the world is faster at designing and producing new designs for thermoform packaging materials. We also have engineers on site in Europe and Asia which facilitate quick worldwide launches for your product.

We are the industry leader in thermoform cushions. Our cushions now prevent over 10 million pounds of “garbage” plastic from entering our landfills each year. We never rest on our existing technology. Our R & D department is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques. Our ambition is to not only find new green and sustainable solutions for packaging, but also to constantly improve current production methods.

We have successfully repurposed over 100 million pounds of plastic from going into landfills.  Our next target is the ocean.  In 2016 we started working with our partners to prevent plastic from getting into our most precious resource.  We can now make Reflex Cushions with Ocean Bound Plastic and prevent that plastic from ever getting there.  We have just scratched the surface and it is slowly being adopted by our customers. If you want to be ahead of the curve we can help you be a pioneer with your packaging.

Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

Ocean Bound Plastic Packaging

Image from - Science Magazine; Plastic Waste Inputs from Land Into the OceanVolume 347, Issue 6223 pages 768-771

Are you ready to find out how Reflex Packaging can help you rethink packaging?

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