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Recycled Content Packging
Hard Drive Packging Eco Friendly

Reflex® Cushions are the industry standard for recycled plastic cushions.  We understand that by intelligently designing our cushions, we can save our customers thousands of dollars. How is this possible?

In addition to the cushions we have developed for standard computer hardware like hard drives and laptops. We protect security cameras, 1U & 2U rack mount servers, power supplies, microchips, telescopes, candles, guitars, modular systems etc.

Reflex significantly improves your customer's OOBE. Your product looks more professionally protected and your customers knows you care about the environment. All for the same cost or less than the foam alternatives on the market.

Our Flagship Recycled Content Cushion

Desktop Computer Cushions


Desktop Computer Cushions
Redering of Cushions Environmental Eco Friendly
Server Cushions

Server Configurations


There is no other company out there successfully cushioning everything from a

common 1-U to a 1,000 lb rack mount using 100% recycled plastic.


Eco Friendly Server Cushions Recycled Plastic
Eco Friendly Server Cushions Packaging
Eco Friendly Hard Drive Packaging

Reflex® thermoformed cushions have become the packaging material of choice for manufacturers of fragile electronics including Laptops, Hard Drives, and Desktop PCs.


Reflex® Packaging has become one of the top suppliers of hard drive cushion packaging in the world.

We cushion millions of hard drives each year. We have bulk packs and single unit cushions. We also have a program to offer this award winning packaging to customers who require smaller quantities. If you are a HDD distributor, click here for pricing.

Storage & Shipping
Save space, reclaim your warehouse. We can fit over 10,000 sets of hard drive cushions on one pallet! No foam solution can compare.


HDD Packaging
Eco Friendly Hard Drive Packaging
Eco Friendly Hard Drive Packaging

Hard Drives


Eco Friendly Hard Drive Packaging
Environmentally Friendly Hard Drive Packaging
Eco Friendly Hard Drive Packaging
Laptop Recycled Plastic Cushion
Silicon Wafer Packaging Recycled Plastic


Reflex® Cushions work extremely well on portable computers.
We have developed cushions for every size from tablets to all-in-ones to portable desktop replacements. Our designs allow for an outer container smaller than traditional foams.


The direct shipping environment is very demanding, and proper cushioning is vital to protecting products in this weight range. The silicon wafer carrier pictured here is an example of the high performance levels which can be obtained with a Reflex® Cushion

Laptop Computer Cushions
Silicon Wafers



Silicon Wafers


Silicon Wafer Packaging Recycled Plastic
Wine Packs
Guitar Packaging Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly
Guitar Packaging Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly




We understand how fragile a guitar neck is and how your customer demands their new instrument arrive in pristine condition. We have collaborated with some high end guitar manufacturers and musicians to ensure safe transport.  We have also engineered solutions where one cushion can work on multiple guitar/case configurations by changing an outer box.

Reflex Packaging has developed the most innovative and environmentally conscious wine bottle packaging system available today.

Our cushioning technology utilizes 100% recycled material to offer the maximum protection at competitive pricing. Our award winning Reflex® cushions are the best choice for product protection, cost savings and earth friendliness. Our cushions also look infinitely better than dust creating pulp packaging.


Toner Cartidge End Caps
Recycled Plastic Wine Bottle Packaging Eco Friendly

Wine Packs


Wine Packaging

Space Savings


Reflex® Cushions are designed to stack, like paper cups, saving you valuable warehouse space. You can store 5-10 sets of our cushions in the same space as 1 set of typical foam cushions!

Wine Packaging Recycled Plastic

Reflex® has designed and engineered a packaging system specifically for toner cartridges which boasts many advantages over other packaging mediums.


Reflex® provides equal or improved protection when compared to foam products. It is clean and does not particulate. It also resists environmental conditions and performs consistently under thermal, humidity and atmospheric stresses.

Savings – Reflex® is competitively priced well below the cost of PP, PE and PU foams and more cushions per pallet means cheaper shipping, less handling, and less wasted storage space.


Toner Cartridge End Caps


Toner Cartridge Recycled Plastic Packaging
Toner Cartridge Cushion Packaging
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