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AirfloPac® is a protective packaging technology that utilizes captured air to disperse, rather than absorb, the energy transferred by an impact. AirfloPac® cushions are multi-chambered, blow molded parts which contain neutral air pressure. Upon impact, air is compressed in one chamber and then transferred to others via a flow restricting tube or “venturi”. This compressed air acts as a shock absorber, decelerating the product and causing the AirfloPac® to rebound to its original shape.

Superior Protection

The use of air as a cushioning medium enables the AirfloPac® to achieve greater deflection than any foam cushion. This increased deflection equates to slower deceleration and hence, lower G’s from an impact. The physics of air transfer, which are intrinsic to the AirfloPac® technology, enable the product to protect a wide range of product weights with a single cushion design.

Environmentally Friendly

100% Recycled Content: AirfloPac® is manufactured solely from recycled PE. Foams tend to decline in performance once recycled content is 15% or greater. AirfloPac® does not.100%

Recyclable: LDPE is a thermoplastic which can be re-ground and re-molded indefinitely.

100% Re-Usable: AirfloPac® cushions rebound to their original shape, drop after drop, and therefore can be used in a returnable system.

Non-Particulating and Non-Abrasive: AirfloPac® cushions do not particulate or scratch product surfaces. This can often eliminate the need for polyethylene bags.

These environmental benefits are of increased importance to companies with global packs that have to ship into Europe with its tougher environmental packaging laws.

Stock 2" Post

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Custom Industrial Design


AirfloPac® is an ideal solution for the protection of heavy items (40 lbs. and up) with fairly high fragility levels. Pricing is competitive with traditional MPP and MPE foams, yet with performance that will match Fabricated PE. The ability to modify the cushioning by varying the amount of material used, the venturi size, and/or the cushion distance makes the versatility outstanding.

AirfloPac® offers cost reduction, packaging differentiation, environmental responsibility, and high level protection.

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