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Recycling plastic and keeping it out of landfills is great!

     We started Reflex in 1999 with the goal of keeping plastic from going into landfills. Since then, we’ve made a bigger impact than we could have ever imagined. Our usage of recycled plastic grows each year. In 2017 alone, we prevented over 11,000,000 pounds of plastic from entering landfills by repurposing them into our cushions. 


     We could not do this without forward thinking companies like HP, Arista, Juniper, Western Digital, Ingram Micro, and dozens of others. Without them, Reflex  Cushions would have been  nothing more than a good idea, never a reality.

Ocean Bound Plastic Ocean Plastic



Preventing Ocean Bound Plastic from getting into the ocean is awesome!


     We’ve now set our sights on using our technology and expertise to prevent plastic waste from ever entering the oceans. According to research published in Science Magazine, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste used on land ends up in the oceans For more info on that see the links below.

     Our partners are reclaiming this material and to keep it from going into the ocean.  We have designed packaging that successfully incorporates this Ocean Bound Plastic to replace the virgin materials you are using now to protect your sensitive items.

Keep plastic out of the ocean


An ounce of prevention...

    Many groups are trying to get the plastic that is already polluting the ocean out. This is fantastic, and if anyone succeeds, we will use it.

     However, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" appears to be a more effective approach based on current technology. Much of the existing plastic already polluting the ocean has been too oxidized to re-use and the rest is cost prohibitive to retrieve. Reflex wants to prevent these plastics from ever reaching the ocean, so we are working with groups focused on keeping this material from getting to the rivers, waterways and beaches that lead to the sea.

     Making our packaging with this recycled material means less plastic in our oceans. In doing that, we hope to give the ocean a chance to heal itself and recover from decades of pollution. Creating a market for this material serves to economically motivate areas of the globe that do not currently have sustainable recycling programs in place. Once these areas see the financial benefit of collecting recyclable plastics, the recycling infrastructure will grow, making it much easier for citizens to contribute. 

We’re proudly producing the first ever cushions made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic for Juniper Networks. 

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